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The Welflo WFSM60-series are compact, self-priming vortex pumps designed for situations where air entrainment regularly causes a loss of suction at the input line.

The self-priming feature simply means that both the WFSM60 and WFSM60A are capable of pumping water even with air pockets trapped in between the main water lines and the pump - This usually happens when you have pinhole air leaks in the input line (especially common with older pipes). 

WFSM60-series also features a brass impeller and stainless steel sleeves in the pump body that eliminates potential impeller seizures from corrosion for greater pump reliability.

The Welflo WFSM60A is equipped with a pressure tank that ensures consistent water pressure and a dry-running protection circuit that will stop the pump from running dry and possibly burning up your seals and damaging the pump.. Now that's what you call a smart pump! 

Equipped with a 1-inch inlet and outlet ports, the WFSM60-series is ideal for poor water pressure in domestic or light agricultural scenarios. Coupled with the low entry price, the WFSM60-series is also especially suitable for rented premises that suffer from low water pressure.

Rated at 370-watts, the WFSM60 has a max flow rate of 35-liters per minute with a max head of 35-meters, 1-inch inlet, and outlet connections.



  • Power: 370W
  • Max Flow rate: 35L/min
  • Max Head:35m

Downloads: No

Warranty Details:


6MONTH Warranty 

Welflo offers a standard 6 months warranty.

Warranty excludes:

• Repairs have been made or attempted by others.
• Repairs are required because of normal wear and tear.
• The tool has been abused, misused, or improperly maintained.
• Alterations have been made to the tool.
• This does not affect your statutory rights.

Note: Welflo reserved the right to amend the conditions of the warranty without prior notice.