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  • Measurement time, typical: < 0.5 s
  • Units of measurement: m/cm, ft/inch
  • Laser diode: 515 nm, < 1 mW
  • Measurement range: 0.05 – 50.00 m
  • Laser class: 2

Outstandingly robust: 2-in-1 laser measure with green laser for rough job sites

  • • Integrated 360° tilt sensor for easy angle/inclination measurement, and added versatility to the laser measure
  • • Intuitive user interface with additional supportive features (favorite button, color display, help function) makes handling convenient
  • • Ideal for demanding job sites thanks to IP 65 protection, and shock-absorbing rubber casing


Product Highlights

The laser measure GLM 50-23 G Professional offers a highly durable design and green laser spot with an integrated inclinometer. Thanks to the IP 65 protection-certified design and a shock-absorbing rubber casing, the tool is protected against jet water and the ingress of dust. Intuitive handling is ensured by its smart user interface with many helpful features such as a high-end color display, a handy help function, and a dedicated favorite shortcut button.


Equipment & Application

Being able to calculate material needs, and room and wall areas is the ideal choice for architects, electricians, and many other professionals.


Additional Information

It comes with a dedicated favorite shortcut button. Users can then instantly access the preset measuring function by simply pressing the favorite button without the need to scroll through the HMI.



Additional data


  • Measurement time, typical: < 0.5 s
  • Units of measurement: m/cm, ft/inch
  • Laser diode: 515 nm, < 1 mW
  • Measurement range: 0.05 – 50.00 m
  • Laser class: 2
  • Measurement accuracy, typical: ± 1.5 mm* (*plus use-dependent deviation)
  • Measurement range of incline measurement: 0 – 360° (4 x 90°)
  • Measuring accuracy (typical): ± 0.2°* (*plus use-dependent deviation)
  • Measurement time, max.: 4 s
  • Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA)
  • Automatic deactivation: 5 min
  • Weight, approx.: 0.2 kg
  • Memory capacity (values): 30
  • Dust and splash protection: IP 65
  • Tripod thread: 1/4"
  • Laser color: Green
  • Measuring range, up to 50 m


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