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STANLEY SM18 SLIDING MITRE SAW 10" 254MM | 1800W | 4800RPM [ CNY PROMO 2024 ]

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  • LED SHADOW: Cutline for 100% accurate cut
  • POWERFULL 1800W MOTOR: Consistent cutting accuracy at bevel cutting and miter cutting
  • REPETITIVE CUT: Lock-stop for same cut length
  • OPTIMIZED ARM: Design for MAX cutting capacity
  • UNIQUE LOCK-OFF: trigger switch for one-hand operation


Power Input: 1800 W
No Load Speed: 4800 rpm
Max Blade Diameter : 254 mm ( 10" )
Bore Diameter: 25.4 mm
Mitre Left Positions: 47°
Mitre Right Positions: 52°
Bevel Left Positions: 45°
Bevel Reft Positions: 45°
Automatic Blade Brake Time : < 10.0 Sec
LED Light: Ye
Blade : Yes ( Wood 80 Teeth )
0° Mitre, 0° Bevel : 92mm x 285mm / 80mm x 310mm
45° Mitre, 0° Bevel : 92mm x 190mm / 80mm x 210mm
0° Mitre, 45° Bevel Left : 47mm x 285mm / 45mm x 310mm
45° Mitre, 45° Bevel Left : 47mm x 190mm / 45mm x 210mm
0° Mitre, 45°bevel right : 35mm x 285mm / 25mm x 310mm
45° Mitre, 45° Bevel Right : 35mm x 190mm / 25mm x 210mm
Bevel Cut Range: -45° To 45°
Mitre Cut Range : -47° To +52°


- Powerful 1800W Motor Offers Enough Torque
- Ergonomics Horizontal Handle And Lock Off Trigger Switch Easy In Use
- LED Shadow Cut Line For 100% Accurate Cut And Better Illumination
- 9 Mitre Stops Setup Mitre Cutting Range L47° to R52° For Great Versatility
- Sliding Rod With Anti Rust Plated For Durable Life
- Double Bevel Head For Great Versatility
- Robust Base And Fence Ensures Stable And Durable Accuracy
- Repetitive Cut Feature For Same Cut Length Request

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Warranty Details:

Warranty period 2 years from the date of purchase
Labour Charge (within the warranty period) Free of charge
Motor/armature/field coil (within the warranty period) 1 time component replacement free of charge
Battery/charger/switch/PCB 1 time replacement only free of charge (1 year from date of purchase)
Component not covered by warranty Carbon brush, AC cord, handle/holder, gear-case (body), grease/lubricant
Other components not listed above 1 time component replacement free of charge (3 months from date of purchase)


1. The warranty period starts from the original purchase date and until the end of the warranty period
2. 1st repaired by Stanley Black and Decker Service Center & Authorized Service Center is guaranteed under normal use conditions for ninety (90) days from the date of collection/return to the customer against the same issue/ parts
3. If a damaged unit return due to the same issue within 3 months after 1st repairs, Stanley Black & Decker provides 2 follow-up repairs without any cost incurred to the customers
4. Stanley Black & Decker will replace a new unit with the same/ similar model to the customer if the same issue is not solved after 3 repairs within 3 months after the 1st repaired a date
5. Freight and transportation costs between the product user and the place of purchase or between the product user and an Authorized Service Centre are not covered by the warranty