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Ogawa XT18BG 18" Petrol Lawnmower c/w B&S Engine

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Ogawa 18" Petrol Lawnmower c/w B&S Engine 500E XT18BG

Ogawa is bringing you a durable and easy to use lawnmower powered by Briggs and Stratton 500E Series engine for a cut above mowing experience. The 500E SERIES™ engine offers a best-in-class torque-to-weight ratio — up to 30% lighter than competitors of equal power in this category of engines. Plus, with reduced vibration, quieter operation and enhanced handling, this lawn mower engine lets you cut your lawn in comfort every time. This engine model is ideal for powering lawnmower for gardens up to 600 square meters.



• 4 x bearing wheels for durable maneuver
• Large Grass catcher for high capacity grass collection
• Adjustable cutting height
• Easy cleaning and no mess.
• Delivers low noise and good tonal quality
• Float Feed Carburetor. Optimized fuel delivery for improved start-ability and superior performance
• Oiled Foam Air Cleaner. Provides protection against airborne debris entering the engine
• Splash Lubrication. Ensures adequate lubrication throughout the crankcase during normal operating conditions.
• OHV Technology. Optimized performance that delivers longer engine life and improved fuel economy
• Safety clutch system installed – so that once release engine automatically stops to prevent any injuries.
• 2 way fold-able for easy storing.
• Cutting width 18" / 460mm



Engine: Briggs and Stratton 500 E series Engine
Engine Type: 4 stroke
Engine Displacement: 140cc
Torque: 6.8Nm @ 3,000 rpm
Cutting width :18 inches ( 460mm)
Mower Housing: Steel
Blades: 4'S Razor Blades
Cutting Height/Position: 25-85 mm / 8
Collection Bag: 40l (plastic)
Wheels: 7"(front) / 8" (Rears)
Drive : Hand-Push

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