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HONG YU Instant Car Tire Inflator Pump G7010

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Product Description of HONG YU Instant Car Tire Inflator Pump G7010 Hong Yu Instant Car Tire Inflator pump is slim and portable with Built-in Gauge and a must have equipment for every car owner. It has the capability to inflate a standard car tire in 10 minutes with little effort. A powerful 12-volt, 100 PSI compressor and an gauge make this inflator an efficient and excellent machine. The gauge is easy to read to help you in determining the amount of air inside the car tire. This car tire inflator easily plugs into the 12 volt accessory outlet to operate. Easy to use, this lightweight portable tire inflator is a great addition to your car's accessories. You are also provided with a convenient nylon carrying bag that you can use to carry it from place to place.

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