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BLACK+DECKER BEMW471BH-B1 Electric Lawn Mower 1600W | 38CM | 45L with Ergonomic Bike Handle / Pemotong Rumput [ BEMW471BH ]

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The improved handle design is engineered for greater comfort and maneuverability. The Easy Start function allows users to switch the mower on and off effortlessly, using activation button. Each model in the range incorporates the high performance blade, delivering 80% better grass collection and greatly improved cutting results. A large collection box enables you to power through the mowing without the frustration of continuously emptying the container, and a ‘Box Full’ indicator alerts you when it’s time to empty. With improved wheel design for better grip and control, an integrated carry handle, as well as 6 height settings, this mower has everything you need for a flawless finish.

  • Power: 1600 W
  • Cutting Width: 34 cm
  • Grassbox Capacity: 45 L

Black & Decker BEMW471BH 1600W 380mm Electric Lawnmower

Maintaining a lush green lawn requires a certain level of nurturing and tender loving care to keep it in top condition. In addition to watering, raking and feeding, mowing can really refine a lawn. Your turf’s requirements will change through the year but intuitive features such as E-Drive technology and EdgeMax are designed to make it quicker and easier to maintain your lawn throughout the mowing season.



  • The EdgeMax system works by channelling grass into the sides of the cutting deck so it’s easy to cut right up to the edges using the full width of the blade. You’ll never miss a single blade so there’s no need to go backwards and forwards to tidy up as you go. Cutting around boarder edges, fence posts and trees is quicker and easier with EdgeMax technology.


E-Drive Technology

  • High torque, high performance cutting system maintains a quality stall-free cut, even in long or damp grass. E-Drive Technology and a powerful 1600W motor mean you can tackle mowing task with confidence.


Convenience for the User

  • Height Adjust: 'soft touch' technology adjust the height of cut with a single movement and with optimised 45L grass box to collects more grass for less time spent emptying.


Easy to Manoeuvre

  • Accessing hard to reach areas under garden furniture, bushes and shrubs is made easy due to the low profile nose design. Large sturdy rear wheels cope easily with bumps and rough terrain and improve manoeuvrability. An integrated carry handle and folding rear handle make moving and storing the easy and hassle free.



  • Power: 1600 W
  • Cutting Width: 34 cm
  • Grassbox Capacity: 45 L
  • Cutting Mechanism: Rotary
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: Single 'Soft Touch' Lever
  • Cutting Height: 20-70 mm
  • Cutting Height Settings: 6
  • Cable Length: 12m


What is in the box

  • 1x Black and Decker BEMW471BH Mower


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Warranty Details:


Warranty period 1 year from the date of purchase
Labour Charge (within the warranty period) Free of charge
Motor/armature/field coil (within the warranty period) 1 time component replacement free of charge
Battery/charger/switch/PCB 1 time replacement only free of charge (1 year from date of purchase)
Component not covered by warranty Carbon brush, AC cord, handle/holder, gear-case (body), grease/lubricant
Other components not listed above 1 time component replacement free of charge (3 months from date of purchase)


1. The warranty period starts from the original purchase date and until the end of the warranty period
2. 1st repaired by Stanley Black and Decker Service Center & Authorized Service Center is guaranteed under normal use conditions for ninety (90) days from the date of collection/return to the customer against the same issue/ parts
3. If a damaged unit return due to the same issue within 3 months after 1st repairs, Stanley Black & Decker provides 2 follow-up repairs without any cost incurred to the customers
4. Stanley Black & Decker will replace a new unit with the same/ similar model to the customer if the same issue is not solved after 3 repairs within 3 months after the 1st repaired a date
5. Freight and transportation costs between the product user and the place of purchase or between the product user and an Authorized Service Centre are not covered by the warranty